Streaming live audio using VST processing

Since streaming is becoming the new main-stream standard I fiddled about this topic lately and found a very interesting way for streaming without the need of advanced hardware.

But first thing fist:

What’s a VST plugin?

Virtual Studio Technology is a software interface that integrates effect plugins and audio synthesizer with audio and recording systems. The technologies are using, as you already know, a digital signal processing, in order to simulate traditional recording studio hardware in software. There are out there thousands of plugins. We will speak about them in another article.

What are the main advantages?
It’s all software – there’s no need for audio interfaces, mixers or other equipment. You can even add effects and processing using this.

What’s the downside?
Latency seems to always be an issue when dealing with this type of digital wiring. Be sure to get the best drivers from your sound card manufacturer or use a solution like asio4all.

Read more details and some really cool stuff in the following pdf, written Tom Wade.

Live VST Audio Processing v3

Thanks for reading!


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